Has anyone used the PCB service from Seeedstudio?

They seem to offer decent price for prototyping PCBs. I think it's up to 50mm*50mm 10 boards, two-sided, for USD$20, or up to 100mm*100mm 10 boards for USD$40. I know that 10 seems a lot but it's just $20 if you have a good working design.


They say shipping in 4-6 days but they're in China like BatchPCB's production. So Anyone who used their service could you tell me how long it took to ship to US? Thanks.

I have used them in the past and will use the service again. Keep in mind the fine print says they only test half the boards and only guarantee 3 work. (in my case 5 were functional, I never used the others.)

The person that processed my Gerber files was pretty helpful as well.

The boards came within 14 days. I placed the order on Monday or tuesday and received them the following week.

I'll fully endorse Seeedstudio's PCB service. Just be smart about it and check for the occasional tiny short in the PCB...same as with any proto PCB service. E-testing reduces likelihood of that problem. The boards I got before E-testing was available had one whisker short on about 5% of the boards. Those odds are good enough for me at that price and quality is excellent.

Thanks guys. I will give them a try, with the 10 for $40 service. I've been lucky enough with all 4 PCB boards I ever designed and had made at BatchPCB. No electrical failure (yes I'm only using one out of the two boards they sent me. Somehow I kept receiving two despite the service is for one board.) I guess it's just the matter of time and quantity before I get something that fails, either by design or by fabrication.

macegr, are the "whiskers" spattered solder from nearby solder pads? Thanks.

The shorts I have seen are actual manufacturing errors in the PCB, a tiny whisker not etched either due to some Gerber mishap or some kind of fiber ending up in the photo mask. Due to step and repeat production the error was only on a small portion of the total received PCBs. It's only happened on two different designs out of maybe 25 total.

hey, does anyone know what shipping method is best to use from seeedstudio's pcb service.

while registered air is the cheapest at 5 but it seems to take a while.

on the other hand ups worldwide expedited is 29.85 but i would assume it is faster

any input on options

Do they automatically step and repeat and v score? Got a 25mm x 25mm board I wouldnt mind have a few of.


No V score unless you go outside their standard service and ask for a custom quote. Do you really need V score or will routed edges be good enough?

Routed will be fine I suppose, I will place an order tonight :)

You might try iTeadstudio. They use the same board house as seeedstudio and they are $12 cheaper. We used seeedstudio last time and only had a problem with a "whisker" short on one board.

I just put in the order a few days ago to try iTead this time. Boards are supposed to be back tomorrow due to the chinese holiday and shipped monday. The only thing about iTead is they only offer black silk with their standard board. You can get blue or red boards with black/white/yellow silkscreen for $10 more.

Thanks DustinB. That's pretty cheap. I'll try it next time instead of seeedstuion.

I contacted them about having a 25mm x 25mm board made, unfortunatly they dont fill your space with your design so I would only get 10 boards at 25mm x 25mm. Seems a bit of a waste of board space to me so I will find someone else.

Hey thegeekway,

In your case, maybe this site is better for you. I've heard good things about this place. You pay $5 per square inch (25.4mm*25.4mm) for 3 copies. That includes shipping. Depending on how many you need. If you need just a few, this is a good deal.


I have backup fab houses, but thought I would give them a try. Not sure why its so much trouble for them to step/repeat to fill the space you've paid for.

But afterall it is a prototype service.

I think it’s a matter of efficiency. If you use a cookie cutter to prepare all board sizes in 50mm*50mm squares, it’s easier than step/repeat. The materials are very cheap so when capitalism sets in, saved time pays for wasted materials, although I don’t like the justification much.

I’ve used an acrylic service where they also define a few sizes so each time then can just load up a blank and make. Only in this case you can fill up your plate if you want but you pay by the minutes on their laser.

How much the postage from iTead end up being for those 10 50x50mm boards?

I ordered max 10x10mm which came to $3 postage. They should be arriving any time now.

Same here. The order was shipped within 3 days. Almost a week since I ordered. Going to start a thread with pics when I get them in.

I have used http://dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/pcb_order for PCB orders. Only $5 per square inch includes shipping in the US. He runs boards about every 3 weeks or so and for the $5 you get 3 copies.

I will second http://dorkbotpdx.org/wiki/pcb_order when you only need a few copies.

I am waiting on an order from Seeedstudio placed on September 27. They shipped the boards October 7th. (Oct 1 - Oct 5 was a national holiday) Then shipping to the US takes about 10-30 days.

Both places have their purpose. Seeedstudio/iTeadstudio are useful when you need 10 or more boards. The dorkbotpdx group order is great for prototyping or when you need 3 boards or less. Laen who does the group order is very helpful and friendly. The boards come back looking great.