Has anyone used the TimerObject library?

For my project I’m currently using the TimerObject Library, by Aron Bordin:

It allows you to create timers for objects or functions, and only requires that you put a timer counter in Loop, instead of always using Delay(). I’ve got button states and other things currently set to around 100ms updates, instead of constantly reading in loop.

In theory this should free up a lot of processing time, however it doesn’t seem to be particularly popular. I wonder if others have used it? Is this a good library?

In theory this should free up a lot of processing time

That you are going to use for what else?

The concept implemented in that library is a trival basic concept for "cooperative multitasking" style of programming (i.e. "DoingSeveralThingsAtOnce", "BlinkWithoutDelay" etc.). Almost everyone wrote such an object at one time or another, meaning that with good probability any basic "cooperative multitasking" library will have something similar.

The decision to use a callback-based approach in this library is questionable though.

There's probably nothing wrong with that library, but other people might be using alternative implementations of the same thing.