Has anyone worked with Arduino and Windows?

I'm not talking about the Arduino IDE to program the micro-controller. I am referring to developing an interface for Windows 10 (perhaps in C++ or C#) that reads data from the Arduino. I am trying to save money for an end product and realized that using the client's existing PC, instead of a Raspberry Pi+LCD, would be a great money saver! Would love to hear your experience if you have done this before. Thanks in advance

Python is super easy to interface with Arduinos via pySerialTransfer (Python) and SerialTransfer.h (Arduino).

C++ is possible with help from something like ArduSerial.h.

I prefer Python, but it's up to you

I have used Processing to interface various Arduino boards to the PC using a serial port.

Arduinos can communicate with all kinds of interfaces and protocols that are available on Windows.

You can use:

USB and emulate keyboards, mouse and mass storage or serial COM ports
UARTs (old fashion) and send serial data
Ethernet or WiFi and send TCP, UDP, HTTP, MQTT packets
BLE and emulate keyboards, mouse

If you want to make it cheap for the end user. Bluetooth or WiFi is even better. More people have a smart phone or tablet than a Windows 10 PC.

But don’t forget most of these protocols have commercial license requirements. You cannot just sell a product with WiFi, Bluetooth or USB without paying the respective organizations some significant fees and register your product.