Hash MD5 Function in Genuino 101

I tried to run the MD5 hash function program which using the MD5 library. The Library download from page :

Here is an example code of the MD5 program :

#include <MD5.h>
This is en example of how to use my MD5 library. It provides two
easy-to-use methods, one for generating the MD5 hash, and the second
one to generate the hex encoding of the hash, which is frequently used.
void setup()
  //initialize serial
  //give it a second
  //generate the MD5 hash for our string
  unsigned char* hash=MD5::make_hash("#UnkwA1$");
  //generate the digest (hex encoding) of our hash
  char *md5str = MD5::make_digest(hash, 16);
  //print it on our serial monitor
  //Give the Memory back to the System if you run the md5 Hash generation in a loop

void loop()

input message : “#UnkwA1$”

output :
If the Arduino UNO board : 6261797942ee82f89d2b173be7bc3024
If the Arduino Leonardo board : 6261797942ee82f89d2b173be7bc3024
If I correction in http://www.md5hashgenerator.com/ : 6261797942ee82f89d2b173be7bc3024

But when I use genuino 101 : f198b5b15689c69a6e45df155f1d6f81

why in genuino 101 produces a different output ?

At a guess, the Genuino 101 has different endian-ness than the other processors. Or, the library is not designed for a 32-bit processor.