HashMap Print by Index number

I have a function that defines a number, and I want to use that number to call the item in the hashMap, based on its zero-based index. Similar to to how you would call an array item: arr[0];

Do hash maps use a 0 based index numbering?

Trying to keep this to the point, but let me know if you need more details.

#include <HashMap.h>

//define the max size of the hashtable
const byte HASH_SIZE = 5;
HashType<char*, int> hashRawArray[HASH_SIZE];
//handles the storage [search,retrieve,insert]
HashMap<char*, int> hashMap = HashMap<char*, int>( hashRawArray , HASH_SIZE );

void setup() {
  //setup hashmap
  hashMap[0]("name", 18);
  hashMap[1]("test", 200);
  hashMap[2]("qwer", 1234);
  hashMap[3]("abc", 123);
  hashMap[4]("AlphaBeta", 20);

//  hashMap.debug();

void loop() {
  Serial.println( hashMap.getIndexOf("test") );
  Serial.println( hashMap.getValueOf("test") );
  delay (1000);

Do hash maps use a 0 based index numbering?

Does it matter? You don't access data in a hash table directly.

Did you try it, too see?