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Honeywell ABP serie: https://sps.honeywell.com/us/en/products/sensing-and-iot/sensors/pressure-sensors/board-mount-pressure-sensors/basic-abp-series

ABP = Honeywell ABP serie
D = DIP package
AN = Single axial barbed port
T = liquid media
015PG = 0 ... 15 psi
A = analog output
A = 10% to 90% output range
5 = 5V sensor

Send the raw value to the Serial Monitor.

void setup()
  Serial.begin( 9600);

void loop()
  int rawADC = analogRead( A0);
  Serial.println( rawADC);

  delay( 250);

Can you show a photo with the flat corner of the sensor and tell what is connected to which pin ?
I think you have GND and 5V on one side, but I think that pin 1 = GND and pin 6 = 5V, so they can not be on the same side.

The goal is to get the sensor working. If you want to put that on a LCD display, that is the next step.

Your sensor is a type "AN":

Pin numbers:

pin 1 = the flat corner = GND
pin 2 = not connected
pin 3 = analog output to the Arduino board

pin 4 = not connected
pin 5 = not connected
pin 6 = 5V

That is not the same as you have.

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