Have different preferences.txt files for different IDEs?


I use the non install versions of the IDEs (the zip file download) and I have different ones for different things. At the moment I have 7 IDEs and they all share the same preferences.txt file that is located in the Windows "AppData\Local\Arduino15" folder.

Is there a way to have separate preferences.txt files for each IDE?

Yes. You only need to use the Arduino IDE in portable mode:

Note that there have been some changes in the way portable mode works over the IDE versions so if you're using some of the older IDE versions you might run into this. I don't think there have been any changes lately. You should be able to find all the details by searching through these:

Thank you so much. So easy, just create a "portable" folder and the IDE auto uses it.

This needs to be easier to find. It comes up if you use "portable" but I didn't want to create portable versions (as in thumb drive). I just wanted fully separate IDEs.