Have error message with Hardware_spi

hi all got sketch for CW radio beacon. it getting error -

RF22_CW_beacon:22: error: 'Hardware_spi' was not declared in this scope

 RF22 rf22(PA4, PA2, &Hardware_spi);

whats can be wrong?

Show your code.

sterretje: Show your code.

here link to code to pastebin forum alltime saying that message too long maybe i doing something wrong... so sketch build for STM32F103C8, not arduino, and si4432 radio module. author have it working. sketch, of course, for arduino IDE.


spycatcher2k: Not going to go to pastebin to download code you can post here! You have not even told us what Arduino you are using!

Go make a cup of coffee, sit back, read the rules of the forum (Especially those relating to posting code). THEN, post your code, schematic and a full description of what you have tried (the things you found when you googled the error messages!).

first of all - its not arduino, its STM32. second - here what i found about code -

If the code is very long you can link to a copy paste from http://arduino.pastebin.com/

isnt there same pastebin? here link to topic about it i found.



See section 7 and 8

Then why the F@~K are you posting in the Arduino forum?

Just because the STM32 has been added by a 3rd party does NOT mean we support them.

You would of had a better response from myself if you had read the rules posted at the top of the forum, AND been a bit less of a twat with the attitude of your responses.

The fix is an easy one, and a cursory google search will give you an answer. I will not!

isnt my code posted in ?
if code too long - forum cant post it in code! it says “message too big”, so i cant post it. nothing about it in section 7, 8.
its about Arduino IDE not board itself. it was compiled by author in Arduino IDE, there no changes made by me.
Dont need to use curse language. you from arduino devs team? you used word “we”.


problem resolved by installing additional libraries that author of sketch provided later. thank you for nothing! :D


spycatcher2k: WOW! Thats what my GOOGLE said 3 days ago!

you wrong RF22 libraries was modified. author made there some changes and put with sketch just one file - while there was needed some others with it.