Have I actually got a KGCOMP KIM-055L DC/DC Convertor?

Hi all,

I have a basic understanding of electronics and just am getting into the world of Arduino (loving it!). I have a car project which I will be powering using the KGCOMP KIM-055L convertor.

Being an Ebay special, the picture/description didn't match what I received, however I believe it still maybe a KIM-055L but just with components re-arranged on the board - and without the cover.

Could anyone with a better electronics understanding help me confirm this? Last thing I want to do is fry my arduino etc.

What I purchased:

It is using KGCOMP power module with minimum components to provide simple 5V 5A reliable output. 2x capacitors 270uF 16v & 470uF 35v to provide guard noise filter at input and output

What I received:

I can see that what I have received does not have a 270uF 16v & 470uF 35v, it has 2x 470uF 35v capacitors. What impact will this have?

Thanks in advance.


Further searching shows the internals of the KIM-055L:

Internal IC module is tps40057, a very efficient chip, small size, high efficiency, low heat.

It looks like what I have received has the TPS40057 IC, so I'm hoping the only difference is the capacitors, and that the impact of this is negligible.