Have I been hacked?

I responded to a post a few days ago and I noticed my IP was a little bizarre.

I blanked out some of the characters just in case.

That looks like a standard IPv6 IP address to me. Maybe you are used to the IPv4 format and are not familiar with IPv6? If that's not it, please explain exactly what you think is "bizarre" about it.

First time I've seen it or heard of it. It has been a while since posting and my IP was in IPv4.

So I take it my IP will be shown in IPv6 at this site now and not IPv4 as before.

Thanks for the Heads Up.

If your public IP is IPv6 then it will be shown in IPv6 format. If your public IP is IPv4 then it will be shown in IPv4 format. It's nothing to do with this site. It's about your ISP.

Additional INFO.

The IP routine was updated a couple of months ago after it went on the blink.
Update also added an IPV6 section.

Only the user in question and moderators can see the IP BTW.


By the way, your IP is only shown to you and to moderators or higher in the hierarchy.

I cannot see any other IP than mine, and mine is sometimes IPv4 and sometimes IPv6.
My provider offers both at the same time so that it's customers can get used to it before some definitive switch to IPv6, i guess.

Spam is not allowed here, and if it is detected as spam, it may be.

Even my IP is displayed as IPv6. There is nothing bizarre about it. And, as the security protocol allows, I can only see my IP. And not of anyone elses'.