Have I destroyed my shield?

I tried to remove the ICSP headers that were soldered onto my arduino wifi shield because I wanted to stack on another shield to it. I tried to remove the solder but had a very very difficult time doing so... Where do I go from here? These are the pictures...



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The solder on the board might be the High temperature stuff and won't melt with your particular soldering iron. I have had that problem before when I take apart other things and would love to know what to do also.

Where protective eye ware. Protect your table surface.

First clean what's there with a Q tip soaked in rubbing alcohol. Apply a small amount of new solder to each of the 6 pads.

With tweezers, pull on one pin while heating its pad with the soldering iron. When sufficiently hot, pull on the pin to remove it.

When all pins have been remove, again heat a pad, when hot tap the board on the table, the solder will fly out.

What does the rubbing alcohol do? Just cleanse the loose debris off?

I will clean off any accumulated old flux.


Using solder wick is a good thing. It will soak up the excess solder.

This isnt working :(

The pins just broke off and now i can't even pull them out with a tweezer...



Add some solder to each pad. Using a sharpened toothpick push the solder out after reheating each pad in turn.

Like Larry said, a toothpick might help. Adding a low temperature solder to the existing high temp solder will make it easier to melt. A solder sucker from one side while heating from the other will get the pins (and residual solder) out of the hole. But if you clean it off, and do not get solder between holes, it shouldn't matter if the holes are clear or not, right?

LarryD: Using a sharpened toothpick push the solder out after reheating each pad in turn.

A (mechanical) pencil is commonly used for that. Leo..