Have I fried my Arduino???

I had an Arduino Ethernet working as expected until today.

It has measured some voltages for a year now.
4 digital input measuring 0 or 25V with an voltage divider for each pin.
1 analog inpiut measuring 0-25V with an voltage divider.

Some weeks ago I started experimenting with 1-wire Dallas DS18B20. I connected onte sensor, coded and got it to work. The last days I have connected 3 more (total of 5) all with +5V connected to the Arduino 5V pin. The last 1-wire device (a DS2762) used as a Thermocouple interface with an K-type high temperature sensor connected. All these 1-wire-devices connected to pin 2 of my Arduino.

Today it stopped working. A quiet wisteling sound came from the Arduino as I examined it. It was also very hot at the connection to my power adapter (12V 1,2A). Also the resistors near the power connection was hot.

Have I drained to much power from the Arduino?

I'd say you've drawn more from that 5V buss than it could handle. I'm a bit curious about which board you're using, probably not an Uno R3. Whenever you draw off that regulated buss you should run your app through your VOM to read your current use. I'd get worried at 50mA without even digging into the specs,,, and I can't dig into any specs without knowing your board.

I'd love to see a simple schematic of what you're doing there, I'm just starting into reading 2 voltages in the 8-20VDC range, I could "go digital" on one of those, now that I see your description of your application there.

These sure are handy little boards, aren't they?!