Have I fried my arduino?

Hi there,

I've recently bought an Arduino (Duemilanove 328) and have had great fun playing with it. However I was having problems controlling a servo, each time the servo was sent a command the board would reset. I thought this was probably something to do with the amount of power coming from the 9v battery I had wired to my motor shield. I found a 12V 2amp external supply and plugged it in to the external power jack and hey presto everything worked nicely. Anyway after removing the power supply and plugging back into USB the board, or at least the controller seems to be dead. I get tx and rx lights flashing but no status light and the board 'Is not responding' when I try and upload.

Do I need to reflash the bootloader or will the chip be toasted?

Thanks for any help,


Tx and Rx is good. Back to the basics - you've verified the Atmel version and COM port? Have you tried a different USB port on your computer?

I've done some more diagnosis and am convinced the chip is dead. I've tried multiple USB ports and I get a TX light flashing but I think the important clue is that the lights flash with the same patten whether the IC is in or not. I've got a new chip on order which should arrive tomorrow. Thanks for your response though, I really love this community and can't wait to get involved a bit more!