Have I got the concept correct for an EPP8266?

Hey all

Still tinkering around with my project. It basically reads data from a keyboard and stores the values in EEPROM.

I would like to try and get my head around IOT. Never played with it before.

I have found a new ESP8266 in the workshop (bare bones), and have transferred that to a breakout board with the required pull-ups, a reset button and I have found a 3.3v programmer.

I have some level shifting boards somewhere, as I am aware the ESP8266 is 3.3v and my UNO is 5v.
Got a 1A 3.3v supply to run the board (I understand the Arduino cannot supply enough).

Am I correct in this sequence of connections:

My UNO already contains a menu system and OLED screen...

Within that menu system, it would talk to the ESP8266 on a setup page. This would be done over my SPI bus.

It would quiz the (yet to be written) software on the ESP8266 and between them, detect and establish connection to a local network.

The ESP8266 would have a basic webpage loaded into SPIFFS (which means I also need to add a flash memory to my breakout board). This would be used to input the data I wish to receive.

This input data is then handed over to the UNO on the SPI bus.

Is there any other way of doing this? I TOTALLY can't get my head around this IOT stuff at the moment.

The end goal would be to send a 'on the fly' typed text document to the UNO from a webpage, and the UNO decode that text into the data I require.

Obviously. I need to practice on the basics first.

Can this be achieved with just the bare bones ESP8266? Will not having the flash memory available severely limit my webpage creation abilities?

I found this resource... I shall start here (although it's gobbledy gook at the moment)

I can see the eyes rolling already lol

Why would you like to use a controller with 16Mhz - if you also have a controller with 80MHz?
Why would you like to limit your program to the reduced SRAM and program, if you have a controller which is factors betters than the Uno?
Why would you like to use two controllers - if all can be done with one?

I highly recommend,

  • to put everything on the ESP
  • not to start with the ESP01 but with a more beginner friendly NodeMcu or Wemos D1
  • if you run out of GPIOs - use I2C port expanders. Less GPIOs is really the only drawback if you compare a NodeMCU/Wemos D1 with the Arduino UNO
  • if you are in a hurry and don't have port expanders at home, use the Arduino as i2c slave as a port expander replacement.

and by the way, the ESP can be programmed with the Arduino IDE also...

I know the ESP can be programmed with the IDE, I have set that up.

Why add Wifi to an UNO? Because the UNO project is finished. Also, later on, I would like to transfer this project over to a Mega because I want more IO pins.

Also, I have 10 of these ESP8266's here - new and unused. I picked them up for £5 in a clearance sale.

OK. I may look at just adding a Wifi module like a Microchip ATWINC1500, as I also have one of those.
I still need to learn the basics

. . .

Also, I have 10 of these ESP8266's here - new and unused. I picked them up for £5 in a clearance sale.
. . .

I would also recommend that you do your initial ESP8266 programming with one of the beginner friendly devices mentioned in #1.

You can take advantage of your bargain devices later if you think it is worth the trouble. If you need more I/O pins you can consider the ESP32.