Have I Just fried my Mega 2560?

Hi Guys,

Think I know the answer here but looking for any advice or confirmation.

I got an Elegoo Mega 2560 for christmas and have been playing around with it for the last few days.

Unfortunately today, I got the wires backwards for the Remote Reciever sensor... not realising until after a few seconds... I unplugged it and went to double check the wiring letters on the sensor to find it backwards - and to find a sensor that was hot to the touch.

Since then my project stopped working in the way it was before.. so I stripped back to basics... the blink test works perfectly on all digital ports.

However.. the "Digital Read Serial" example script connected to a button gets no response at all from the connected button - on any port. I tried changing the button in hope that it would be that but no ball.

Is it safe to say i've broken it, or is there anything I'm missing?

Does the ANALOGREADSERIAL example work ?

scratch this reply. Just found the potentiometer so about to have a play with it.


TO confirm the AnalogueRead works fine, using a potentiometer and serial.plot.

If the digital pins and analog pins work it sounds like you may well have a working board.

ballscrew - to confirm the digital pins are working on output... it can light an LED up. However I am struggling to get any response when setting it as an input PIN.

That said I will double check over everything today just to make sure I didn't make a silly mistake... never know I might have left the pin configured as a output.

Hey guys... think I might be getting to the bottom of this and it looks like it's down to lack of experience and possibly a faulty arduino example? ... I purchased a brand new arduino (elegoo mega 2560) and had the same problem with button.. until I changed the example script from:

pinMode(pushButton, INPUT);
pinMode(pushButton, INPUT_PULLUP);

Now I am getting consistent result and the button can make an LED turn on.. on both the old and new board. Nice to know.

Time to get back to the original script I was working on and start debugging why it stopped working.