Have one Arduino run"burn bootloader "on button press w/o computer

Hey there fellas,

My intention is to make a board for rapidly, relatively speaking, burning the Arduino bootloader onto blank chips. I want a "development board" so to speak where i have both a tqfp socket, and a dip28 socket where i can just throw in the ic , then via a jumper select if im going to burn the dip or the tqfp and then press a button and have another on board Arduino burn the bootloader.

I just cannot figure out how to have the programmer arduino run on button press... and what sketch does it need to have "arduino as isp" sketch ?

Perhaps my ambition is exceeding my reach.

Just run Nick Gammons bootload installer sketch http://www.gammon.com.au/breadboard

Connect the 2 chips in parallel, which ever is plugged in will get programmed.

TQFP socket - post if you find an inexpensive one, most I have seen are pricey. Example: https://www.adafruit.com/product/1240

yes they are expensive indeed , i’ve had this one for a while i think i paid $35 but a quick search on ebay right now yielded better results, on the other side of globe as per usual.

I will check out that sketch thanks for the speedy reply!!!

So i have been doing some major browsing and seems you Mr. CrossRoads have already made what i intended to make. Very well done i must add!!!

Seller in California for the tqfp32 sockets 18 bucks including shipping


Thanks, I try to come up with innovative things. Once I get my 3D printer working (this summer hopefully, once my son gets home from college) I can see about making a box for it also.