Have the idea - how to choose what hardware?

I have a project I would like to do, but am completely new to Arduino and am having trouble figuring out what hardware would be needed to get started on it.
I am purely in the design phase at this point.

Generally I want the following capabilities:

  • display (LED or LCD) for user interface
  • buttons to capture user input
  • calendar / clock (battery backup a nice to have)
  • save user settings when powered off0
    (likely can store in 1-2 bytes - prefer not to require a battery for this)
  • control a 1 meter digitally addressable white warmth adjustable LED strip
    (60+ LED/meter - Ideally 7 LED's on full >= 300 lumens if 60/meter,
    or similar combined output for linear equivalent [11.5cm ~ 4.5 inches])
  • provide power to all the above from a wall wart

I have some general ideas on what items I would need to get started from reading product documentation, tutorials, etc, but would much prefer to make my shopping list once and have some level of confidence that I am getting items that can handle everything I am trying to do instead of buying a bunch of things that I won't end up using...

Any recommendations on specific items or resources on how to go about selecting the correct items would be appreciated.

I have some experience with software development, so coding doesn't intimidate me, but there are so many options for the hardware I am simply overwhelmed. Seems like there are 50 ways to skin this cat (no offense intended to any cats or cat owners). I do not anticipate needing to expand the functionality beyond the above (don't need WiFi etc.). So ideally, I would purchase the easiest to implement and most cost effective products to meet the requirements...

TIA for any assistance!

I don't think I have used any of the things that you are interested in so I can't give you advice about them.

However as a general comment I think it is impractical with zero Arduino experience to figure out a list of all the components needed for a complex project. I suggest you get an Uno and one of the items and learn how to work with it. And dvelop your project from there.

You can store data in the Uno's EEPROM when power is off. However the EEPROM has a limited number of wites (about 100,000) so you would need to be cautious about using it.