Have you made a joystick from an Arduino? I need your expertise, please.

I did my homework and found two methods of getting an arduino to show up as a joystick.

1) DFU 2) "Don't use DFU, buy specialized hardware."

I'd like to solve this without having to buy extra hardware, if I can. What's your method?

Thank you!



and here is an instructable that is for making a wii controller into usb, but its handy as it explains USB descriptors and whatnot http://www.instructables.com/id/USB-Wii-Classic-Controller/#step1

"making it possible to build USB hardware with almost any AVR® microcontroller, not requiring any additional chip."

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately this doesn't meet my needs. I don't want to build any extra hardware. I don't want to buy some wierd programming device. I'm led to believe there's a way to change the bootloader so that my existing sketch stays on the chip and it will show up as a joystick. It's supposed to use the existing USB port.

Have you got a way to do that, please?


I want my UNO to show up as a HID compliant joystick. I've already written the sketch to run on the microcontroller. I don't have the bootloader right. I've been told DFU can do it, but then people in arduino said "no, buy extra hardware to do the job right." I'd really really like to do the job without buying extra hardware. Please: Is there a way?

Thank you!

This is easier to achieve with a Leonardo or a USB Host shield.

The UNO itself can't do it, because the Atmega328P on it doesn't talk directly to the USB port on a computer. It needs something in between, be it the Atmega8u2 or Atmega16u2 on it or the USB host shield.

If you reprogram the Atmega8u2 (or 16u2) on your UNO, you'll lose the feature of uploading sketches through the UNO's USB port.

Total cost UNO + USB Host Shield > Leonardo. Decision made.


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aggrav8d: I don't want to build any extra hardware. I don't want to buy some wierd programming device.

its 3 resistors and 2 diodes running on a standard arduino, so apparently you didnt look too hard, hack up the usb interface on the uno or buy an Leonardo