Having a hard time coming up with an LCD menu for my sketch

I've been searching and searching then trying a bunch of different things trying to figure out a way to code an LCD menu for my sketch. The whole idea is to save settings for different 'profiles' into eeprom for later but there's a twist that makes it a bit difficult especially for someone new at coding like me. I've been at it literally for hours.. I will do work for hours and hours but I ran out of ideas of how to go about it. I don't expect anyone to do work for me. A point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated though.

My code is working fine now with all settings hard coded. Its not done yet but I'm waiting for another max 31855 to get here to finish the rest.

I'm coding a PID controller with 2 loops for a BGA rework station. One loop is very easy its simply one temp. For the other loop it has multiple set points, different temperature ramps, and different dwell times at those set temps. To top it off I want to save 9(eeprom room permitting)profiles with 9 steps max according to user input and for each profile I just need to save the one set temp for other PID loop one time.

So I have profiles 1-9 with steps 1-9 for each profile. the below illustration is showing a profile with 3 steps but no values. Just to give an idea. Right now I have different variables for each step ie rampStep1, tempStep1, dwellStep1, rampStep 2, tempStep2, etc etc. I also need to save the temp for the single temp PID loop in there somewhere as well as an END button that will save the total number of steps for the given profile and go back to the IDLE state of the sketch.

Profile 1 step 1 step 2 step 3 ramp ramp ramp temp temp temp dwell dwell dwell

Other PID loop setting

I need a way to code a menu with software debouncing that will let me save these settings into different variables then into eeprom but that'll come after of course. My brain is mush now. Will sleep on it. Thanks alot for reading all of this and any input would be greatly appreciated. :)

If you look at the MIDI library example (play_lcd) in my library I implement a menu to select a file from the list of files on an sd card. This may be useful for you as a starting point. Library is found at the web in my signature below.

Hi, thanks for the reply. That's a very good call on using sd card to save data. I didn't know about that(noob). I'll check it out in the morning for sure. 2am here.