having a problem with a program for cross intersection traffic lights

I downloaded a program from http:// www.instuctables.com/id/LEGO-T-Intersection-LED-Traffic-Light/?amp_page=true

After a few hours typing into the Web Editor for ARDUINO Nana. I hit the verify button and all of these faults came up. There are 2 downloads from the sight. The first is for T intersection and the 2nd is for a Cross Intersection. Is it possible is any of you smarter guys or girls out the in webspace could download the Cross intersection Program install it then work out the several faults and fix them? Please let me know how you went.

I hope someone can help me.

Hi @ED66, if you have the code in the web editor you can share the URL here. Thanks

Hi Smellai, /temp/671834893/Lego_cross_intersection/Lego_cross_intersection

ALL ino's come after the above line.

-ino:51:46 error

-ino:51:46: error: expected primary expression before ')' token

-ino: In function 'void setup ()' :

-ino: 87:14: error testLights was not declared in this scope

-ino: In function 'void heartbeat()':

-ino:121.12:error: expected unqualified - id before numeric constant


If these statements above could be explained then and where to put them correctly I should be able to fix the rest of the program. Thank you

smellai: Hi @ED66, if you have the code in the web editor you can share the URL here. Thanks

I have placed some of the error messages on the post. Could I download the entire program to you?


That is not at all what was asked of you. If you are using the ONLINE EDITOR then simply share the link directly to the sketch.

At the top of the web editor page is a "SHARE" option and you would use that to share a link directly to the sketch.

However it looks more like a programming error than an editor error from the messages you are seeing. In which case you might want to ask about those on the page from which you originally downloaded / copied the code.

Instructables has a comments section at the bottom of the guide so best place is to ask there.

This area is for issues with the editor itself.

EDIT... It seems you may have either altered the original code in some unknown way or failed to copy and paste correctly as the T intersection and the Cross code compiles just fine here in both the desktop and online IDE

I made them available to you here for a few days before I delete them.

T Intersection Cross intersection

thanks guys

Let me know when you have copied them over so I can delete them.