Having a problem with my code "expected primary-expression before ")" token"

I’m making a project for one of my classes and have been following a template for it online. It requires an arduino and programming which I have never done before. The code was posted online in the template but I am still getting some errors, any help would be greatly appreciated!

The error is: expected primary-expression before “)” token
and is in the line: set_pixel_brightness(pad_pixel(pad_hit),fader,*color);

And here is the section of the code with said error:

#define PAD_M 0
#define PAD_B 1
#define PAD_L 2
#define PAD_R 3
#define PAD_M_PIX 23
#define PAD_B_PIX 22
#define PAD_L_PIX 20
#define PAD_R_PIX 21
#define HIT_THRESHOLD 75
#define pad_pixel(p) (23-p)
#define COUNT_DOWN_TIME 400
#define SCORE_BLINKS 4
#define ROUNDS 4

int *points;
int points_1 = 0;
int points_2 = 0;
long Color_1,Color_2;
long *Color;
long time = 0;
long turn;
int rounds;

void setup() {
strip.show(); // Initialize all pixels to ‘off’
pad_hit = -1;

void loop() {

//------- UTILS -------------
void clear_all() {
for(int i=0;i<max_pixels;i++) {
strip.setPixelColor(i, 0);

int pad_check() {
if (pad_hit >= 0) {
if (fader == 0) {
strip.setPixelColor(pad_pixel(pad_hit), fade_to);
pad_hit = -1;
if (fade_func != 0) {
fade_func = 0;
else {
if (pads[PAD_L]> HIT_THRESHOLD && pads[PAD_R] > HIT_THRESHOLD) {
return 0;
for(uint16_t i=0;i<num_pads;i++) {
if (pads > HIT_THRESHOLD ) {

  • pad_hit = i;fader = 255;*
  • return 1;*
  • }*
  • }*
  • }*
  • return 0;*

What is the function "set_pixel_brightness", does it belong to something ? Please modify you first post and put code tags around the sketch. You use a pointer to a long value "Color", and then you use the content of something that is pointed by "color". Can you check your sketch again ?

I think Peter_n's comment about the color pointer is probably on the money. The code you posted is incomplete so it's hard to be sure, but it looks to me as if you have used the wrong case in this name - perhaps 'color' is a valid identifier but not a value, causing a compiler error message which is a lot less obvious than if you're just used an invalid identifier.

Perhaps related, it seems strange that you are defining Color as a pointer. Without the rest of your code I can't see how you're using this variable and whether it's declared correctly, but it looks dubious to me. I'd have expected you to store the colour as a value, and where necessary to pass the address of that variable use the & (address of) operator to get it.