Having issues getting a magnetic field detector working with Arduino Uno

I am new to Arduino and have a project that I am having some issues with. If anyone has any I have an Arduino Uno, a 2.2" Adafruit TFT, 3 x SS495A analog hall sensors. I am trying to make a magnetic field sensor. I am using the code that is in the instructions in the link below named, "MagnetDisplay.ino" , which is for a 1.44" screen so I included the library for the screen I am using. (I can't upload the code because I am a new user)

I did at one point get the 3 vectors to show but it was only displaying on a portion of the screen. So I tried to change the pixels in the code from 128x128 to 240x320, which did not work. I set what I changed back to 128x128 and now can not get the vectors to show up anymore.

I commented in the relevant lines that pertain to Arduino Uno and uncommented the ones that were for the MRK1010.

The screen I have is the ILI9340C but could only find a library for ILI9341. I don't think that is my issue because the graphics test worked but I could be wrong.

If anyone has any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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Okay thank you for letting me know. Someone mentioned I should have that post in displays so I added it there and tried to delete the original post. It would not let me delete the original post.

That is incorrect. They suggested you contact a moderator and ask to have the thread moved.

He let me know that he asked a moderator to switch it over. I waited a bit then figured i would do it myself. And like i mentioned, I tried to delete my original post. Again, I appreciate you letting me know to not cross post. I am new to this site and any guidance is greatly appreciated :pray:

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I got it figured out!

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