Having Issues Installing Drivers for Arduino Rev 3 on Windows 7


I have been having problems installing the Arduino drivers on my Windows 7 Samsung computer. I contacted FTDI, and they informed me that their drivers did not support rev 3. I also downloaded the file several times from the Arduino website and followed their instructions three times to no avail. I also did a hard shut down and I was still unable to install the drivers. The message that comes up on my computer is 'Windows has found the driver software for your device but encountered an error while trying to install it. Access Denied.'

Please help! Super frustrated!

Thanks, rain6304

Rev 3 uses Atmega16U2 for USB/Serial, not FTDI chip. The file you need to point at is c:/arduino1.0.5/drivers/arduino.inf

(your path may vary some). Windows may complain that the file is unsigned or some nonsense like that. I don't recall how to get past it, has been too long since I last did it. Has been discussed here a lot, shouldn't be too hard to browse & find a solution.