having multiple problems as i am bad at coding

i am creating a circuit using arduino that uses a standard non arduino button to activate a program,but when the program starts,the program starts without the pressing of the button.i have to hold the button down to keep the program stopped.Please help!

i am using a non arduino button to start a program,but the program starts without the button being pushed.instead,i have to hold he button down to keep the program stopped.help!

ok nevermind ii figured that part out but i need help wiring a non arduino fire engine light to my system

also how do you keep a program downloaded on an arduino uno r3

Please post your program and your wiring diagram.

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Also here

Another time-waster

but i need help wiring a non arduino fire engine light to my system

We may need more information. Probably a relay. (A relay is an electrically-operated electrically-isolated switch so if you can turn it on with a switch you can turn it on with a relay.)

But, the Arduino can't directly drive a relay coil so you need a relay driver circuit, or a relay board with the relay and driver, or an appropriate solid-state relay.

also how do you keep a program downloaded on an arduino uno r3

You don't have to do anything. Your program is automatically loaded into non-volatile (flash) memory. For example, if you load the Blink Example the LED will start blinking every time you power-up (or reset) the board (until you load a new program).

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Give links to components.
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You could also try searching the forum for "Heeeeelllp" and see what others have done

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Here is my code

int i = 0;
int run;
int buttonPin;

void setup()
run = 0; //starts stopped
buttonPin = 7; //whatever pin your button is plugged into

pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP);
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

void loop()
//code you always run here; you can leave this section blank if you want the entire program to stop and start, or add code here if you want it to always run

//check button press here and if it is pressed then toggle run variable between 0 and 255; REQUIRED!
if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == LOW) //funcitons based off of button pulling input pin LOW
if (run == 0)
run = 255;
run = 0;

if (run > 0)
//code you only run if button was pressed, stops running when button pressed again, so forth…
for (i = 700; i < 800; i++) {
tone(9, i);
for (i = 800; i > 700; i–) {
tone(9, i);

still working on the schematic

And still refusing to use </> code tags.


i have my schematic in snipit but cannot upload it to the forum.a little help here?

-a guy who probably bit off more than he could chew

p.s sorry about the code tags.the reason im asking for help is because i am very new to arduino.

thanks pert,i won’t do it again. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

also here is my schematic

the button is my non arduino button and the led is supposed to be my non arduino light.

Odd, from your code, I wouldn't expect the button and the buzzer to be wired together.

i dunno,but it works! i used the code from a forum and then adapted it to my needs.i just used the button as a switch to turn it on and off.

What's an "Arduino Button"? I think we're being pranked.

it works though

the button iam using is a standard electricians button.i will post an image of it.

here are pics of my button