having problem with logging data using RealTimeClock

Hi all,
I have one question regarding to log data using time stamp. I log 16 channels of analog sensors and store them into SD card for every second. My problem is in one minute (60 sec) there will be one sec of data skipped based on how many channels that will be used. For instance, for all 16 channels used, data at 7th second will be lost as shown in serial monitor as well as in SD card itself and for 1 channel used, data at 57th second will be lost. I also tested for not logging data from any analog sensors and just stored date & time in SD card, the time displayed in SD card as well as in serial monitor was okay and perfectly stored (without lost/skipped problem). I don't know why must it skip and cannot have a perfect logging. Please help. :sweat_smile:
Your response is highly appreciated. Thanks

Presumably this is a problem with your code ("Sketch"). It can hardly be anything else.

It then follows that to find the problem, one would have to know your code. This is only possible if you post the code in question - which means of course, the whole code - here for people to review.

To post the code itself, do a "copy" from your IDE (after Ctrl-A - "highlight all") then click on the "code" button (hash - "#" symbol) above the compose window here to insert "code" tags and "paste" (Ctrl-V) your code between them.