Having problems making electrometer

Hello, I am trying to make an electrometer out of an Arduino. I found a promising link shortly after searching how to make one, however, i finally got everything hooked up, uploaded the program and i haven't got it even close to working. Does anyone know how to make an electrometer or can make this work? the link to the project that i tried is here:

If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated!!!

Static electricity should be kept as far from an Arduino board as possible.

In the instructables a fet is used (2N3819), but a fet might be destroyed by touching the gate.
So I would not recommend that circuit.

Here is a similar project, also not recommended.

This is an ion detector, a similar project:

I have made such a thing with tree transistors in a row. I had two rows, one with NPN transistors and one with PNP transistors. It was working, but not very well. It picked up the 50Hz of the mains 230V lines. And I had to move it around to detect some static electricity. As if I was collecting ions in the air.
I found a picture of it:

Why do you want to make an electrometer ? For a special purpose ? Should it be accurate ?