Having trouble calling capacitive sensor library

Hi Everyone!

I am sort of new to Ardunio and I have been working through the beginners kit/book learning some how the microcontroller works and have run into a problem. I am trying to call the CapacitiveSensor library that I downloaded and installed from ardunio.cc/capacitive.

I have installed the library into the correct directory as explained on the Arduino site. The compiler does show the library in the listing(see screenshots). Even after following the steps exactly I am still having an issue with the compiler.

Does anyone know what I might have done wrong?

Did you shut the IDE down after you installed the library and then restart it?

When you extracted the library, you got a directory named:


Inside that directory was another directory and two files:


Inside the libraries directory are:


The first is the library for all board except the Due while the second is for the Due. You need to copy one of these directories to the Arduino libraries directory where you installed your IDE and then restart the IDE.

Okay I just unzipped the package and then threw the libraries folder into the IDE libraries folder. I will try copying over each on individually when I get home tonight and report back. I also have restarted the IDE with no avail so hopefully individually copying the files over will fix it.