Having trouble communicating with a mega 328P

I am having trouble using FT232RL Tiny Breakout board.I have used the break out board with some success. Now it will not communicate at all. I see the break out board giving three short burst but no response from the board. I have wrote a few programs and it executed it fine.Now I have changed computers and had issues talking to the R board. I thought it was the usb driver and installed a new driver. after about after two DAYS 100 tries I was able to upload to the Rboard. Now all of sudden it will not work again. PERHAPS AFTER A MICROSOFT UPDATE. I might have a bad programmer, how would I check? When I had success I had installed a driver from the arduino drivers folder. and it asked me to shut my computer down to activate. :) but now when I install a driver it will not ask me to shut down the computer :( . any suggestions.