Having trouble finding where pins are defined in example code for maxrefdes117 sensor

Hello all, I hope this doesn't seem like a dumb question, but I have searched for where the pins are defined in this example code for the maxrefdes117 sensor, however I cannot find them for the life of me. I understand that pin #10 is defined on line 52 of RD117_ARDUINO.ino but I can't find where the SDA and SCL input pins are defined. Currently for the code to work properly the SCL and SDA lines from the maxrefdes117 sensor must be plugged into A4 and A5. I need to change these to alternative pins.

Here is the drive link to the code.

Thank you for the help.

SDA and SCL are standard pins for the hardware I2C interface on all Arduino boards as the I2C interface is provided directly by the processor chip

You may be able to find a library that provides a software implementation of I2C but expect it to be slower that the hardware interface

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