Having trouble getting EL Sequencer and EL Escudo Dos to light up.


So me and my friends decided that we would make and program our own dance act with the EL wire, so we have both types of boards. And we are trying to get them to light up, but we have been spending around 13 hours and have not gotten the wire to light up. We are using this example sketch:

void setup() {                
  // The EL channels are on pins 2 through 9
  // Initialize the pins as outputs
  pinMode(2, OUTPUT);  // channel A  
  pinMode(3, OUTPUT);  // channel B   
  pinMode(4, OUTPUT);  // channel C
  pinMode(5, OUTPUT);  // channel D    
  pinMode(6, OUTPUT);  // channel E
  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);  // channel F
  pinMode(8, OUTPUT);  // channel G
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);  // channel H
  // We also have two status LEDs, pin 10 on the Escudo, 
  // and pin 13 on the Arduino itself
  pinMode(10, OUTPUT);     
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);    

void loop() 
  int x,status;
  // Step through all eight EL channels (pins 2 through 9)
  for (x=2; x<=9; x++)
    digitalWrite(x, HIGH);   // turn the EL channel on
    delay(100);              // wait for 1/10 second
    digitalWrite(x, LOW);    // turn the EL channel off

    digitalWrite(10, status);   // blink both status LEDs
    digitalWrite(13, status);
    status = !status; 

But for some reason, the EL Wires are not turning on but the indicator lights are blinking, as they should. We have 8-AA batteries in a pack, and then it hookes into the the round plug on the arduino board, and then we have a wire coming from the DC TO INVERTER plug into an inverter and back into the AC FROM INVERTER Plug, we have 4 EL wires hooked up, as opposed to 8, but we have changed the sketch to try just lighting one pin up and then the sketch as is. Nothing is working.

We have done similar with the EL Sequencer, the battery hooked into the BATT IN plug, and then a wire going into the DC OUT plug and then the other end of the inverter into the AC IN plug. Similar configuration with the EL Wire.

Has anyone had this issue before or have any ideas?

We have been testing with Voltmeter. On the EL Sequencer it gives us around 10V DC on the BATT IN plug, and then 3.25VDC on the DC OUT plug, and 0VAC on the AC IN. Oddly enough, we have gotten the inverters to work.

I've the same problem,
Did you find something ?