Having trouble getting usable data from Razor AHRS

I have been trying to pull some info from a string and am having a bit of trouble doing if someone could look at my code and give me some pointers it would be much appreciated. This is the output that I am getting from a Razor AHRS and my problem is I can't get this function to work. It keeps telling me that i can't convert an int to a string. Am I going about this all wrong or am I on the right track any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

//string that will be processed is this //Ax=-209 Ay=5 Az=1116 | Gx=7 Gy=0 Gz=7 | -31 233 -433 Headings 100.20

void setup() { Serial.begin(57600); Serial1.begin(57600); } int getVal(String x,String y)//input sting and what value thats wanted from the string { int s; int e; String h; int t; char v[6]; s = x.indexOf(y,1);//find location in string e = x.indexOf(' ',s+4);//extract the info h = x.substring(s,e); h.toCharArray(v,6);//convert info from string to int t = atoi(v); return t; } void loop() { String line; int cnt; char buf[200]; if (Serial1.available() > 0); { cnt = Serial1.readBytesUntil('\n',buf,200); //retrieve string } line = String (buf); int xAxis = getVal(line,'Ax='); int yAxis = getVal(line,'Ay='); int ZAxis = getVal(line,'Az='); int xGxis = getVal(line,'Gx='); int YGxis = getVal(line,'Gy='); int zGxis = getVal(line,'Gz='); }