Having trouble trying to do some of the Starter kit projects.

So far I've only been able to complete the 1 bhk flat in thane first 2 of the Arduino projects. Link is a PDF file for the book. The first two were easy and took no time at all. I played around with some coding, made my own LED thing. Was having fun. new project in mumbai Now I'm growing more and more frustrated. Project #3 shorts out and turns itself off when I put together the schematic exactly the way it shows. Nothing will happen. Write code, can't upload 2 bhk flats in dadar cause the micro-controller is off. The "on" light isn't on on the micro-controller. I can't figure out why it doesn't want real estate advisory firms in india to work. I can't do #4 either because after doing the code correct and the wiring correct, I've double triple and quadruple checked everything to the last ";" best retirement homes in india and it still won't work. Project #5 is have the same issue as #3. It turns itself off when I'm wiring it up EXACTLY the way to shows in the PDF.

Link is a PDF file for the book.

What link is that?

In general if you want help with something it's a good idea to post the schematic and code here. Some people won't bother chasing links and reading through a book to find out what you need help with.

Plus we like to see YOUR code not the book code that you think you've copied accurately.

Oh and when you have something that "still won't work" a lot more detail is needed. Does it compile? Load? What does it do and what should it do that's different?


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Project #3 shorts out and turns itself off when I put together the schematic exactly the way it shows.

The previous sketch may be misusing the wiring for the current experiment.

SWAG - Power OFF (Arduino), Remove the wiring to the I/O, Power up, Download the current experiment sketch, Power OFF, arrange wiring for current experiment, Power ON.

There is at least a dozen "Arduino" boards + all kinds of knock-offs and "compatibles". Which ONE do you have?

And there are probably hundreds of "Arduino Project Tutorials" some are good and others suck.

And as noted above as wired and the code you are really running helps people help you. Many of the people that help here can literally spot the offending wiring error in a few seconds, but only if you give them something to work with

Your title is a good one, many people start with "HELP" ignoring the obvious that almost everyone that comes to the forum is looking to get help of some sort.

Good luck