having trouble with code for digital neopixel strip not recognising gamma table

Hi There I am totally new to Arduino and am trying to make a Digital Light Wand for Light Painting Photography. I copied the code from mrossphoto.com and pasted directly from his site, but I am haing trouble with the below error message relating to the gamma table.
Help would be appreciated. Thanks Paul

/tmp/174251855/sketch_sep8a/sketch_sep8a.ino:585:9: error: 'prog_uchar' does not name a type

PROGMEM prog_uchar gammaTable = {


In file included from /home/builder/.arduino15/packages/arduino/hardware/avr/1.6.23/cores/arduino/Arduino.h:28:0,

from /tmp/174251855/build/sketch/sketch_sep8a.ino.cpp:1:

/tmp/174251855/sketch_sep8a/sketch_sep8a.ino: In function 'byte gamma(byte)':

/tmp/174251855/sketch_sep8a/sketch_sep8a.ino:606:25: error: 'gammaTable' was not declared in this scope

return pgm_read_byte(&gammaTable);


exit status 1

prog_uchar is old, change it to uint8_t

Thanks for that, it seems to have solved the code. Now i’m having problems uploading to my Arduino Mega 2560. “Error uploading check if the selected board is currently available”


Try to upload an example (for example Blink). Does that work error free?

Thanks so much for your help, unfortunately I got so frustrated after nearly 4 hours, I packed it away but will try again this week. I'll start with the blink code and see if i can get that to upload to the Arduino.

Thanks for bearing with me.