Having troubles programming

Hello. I'm having some difficulty with a project that I want to do for my younger brother before his upcoming birthday, but I have no knowhow with Arduino in general. He has an electronic toy that he loves but isn't satisfied with it in terms of included sounds so I want to make him an addon that adds sounds when a barcode is scanned. I compiled a short list of how I thought everything could go (it will go inside of a 3D printed casing that will act as the addon);

Switch 1: instantly plays a power up or power down jingle when pressed or de-pressed - momentary switch

Switch 2: tells device when to play a jingle read from a barcode (instantly activates when pressed or de-pressed) - momentary switch

Switch 3 (at barcode reader): tells barcode reader to start scanning for codes when pressed and to confirm code when de-pressed (makes an error jingle if read incorrectly) - momentary switch

Switches 1, 3 and the barcode scanner are in an AND gate of sorts, meaning that switches 1 and 3 have to be pressed so that the barcode scanner can read a code

Barcode scanner: simple design, only two strips that check how long black-colored parts of the code (like in the included picture)

I would also ask if it's possible to have all the jingles that should be played on an SD card that the device then accesses to play the jingle.


OP image