HAXLR8R - Hardware Startup Incubator Wants You!

Dear Arduino People,

In the startup world, there are tons of resources and programs for software and web based startups, but not much for people who make hardware. Haxlr8r is changing all that by offering a 4 month program that takes you to both Shenzhen, China and San Francisco, CA.

If you hack hardware and want to either start your business or take your business to the next level then you should apply for our 2013 program. We're looking for things that are primarily hardware (aka include electronics, mechanical, or both). Do you make arduino shields? Robots? 3D printers? Something there isn't a name for yet? If so, you should come talk to us.

Once you're accepted, you get $25,000 and access to our network of mentors and investors. The actual program starts in Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world. You'll fly out in January 2013 and you'll be provided with resources and tools to get your prototype up and running and find a manufacturing partner. At the end of the program, you'll head back to San Francisco to pitch your idea to investors and then the rest is up to you!

As someone who has created a successful hardware company (MakerBot) based around open source, I completely understand open source over at Haxlr8r. I also know that the people in this community are extremely creative, motivated, and have what it takes to build cool stuff. The star of last years program, Nomiku, was originally an Arduino hack, so I hope that we can help more people go fulltime with their hobbies and passions.

To apply, head over here and fill in your information: haxlr8r.com

Zach Hoeken Smith
Program Director, Haxlr8r

PS. I left MakerBot months before their decision to go closed source, and was deeply opposed to it. Please don't judge me based on their latest doings.