HB100 brake out board

I am a novice hence the following request please
Kindly let me know the wiring information of the following HB100 board. What to connect with IN1 and IN2 and also Vcc and GND near the preset side. This may be used for optical coupling, I think! Where is IF out put of the HB100? totally confused. kindly help

RKI 2680 HB100_datasheet (1).pdf (265 KB)

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Have you googled HB100 arduino


What is your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

What Arduino controller do you have?

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Dear Sir
I have moved my request to the sensor section please
I am a hobbyist
I have googled HB100 before posting this request for help
I have assembled and tested some projects with general HB100 sensor with arduino UNO R3 board and 2x16 lcd display. The connections are straight forward like IF out put from HB100 to Op amp input and out put of Op amp to arduino pin 8 with appropriate 2x16 lcd connections and UNO program.
The present unit is little bit different with IN1 and IN2 along with one more Vcc and GND, hence request for help please