Hi guys.

I am kinda new to arduino.
So plz help me out with this problem.
I recently bought a hbridge to control two DC motors simultaneously. The h bridge works when I connect the pin written 12 v to 5v pin to arduino and gnd pin from h bridge to h bridge. But when the same pins are connected to an external 9v battery the h bridge doesn't work plz help me with this. I wanna use external power supply so that the motor would run faster as arduino cannot supply sufficient current for the 2 motors to run at a reasonable speed.

Very difficult if not actually impossible to understand a description like that with no schematic, but my guess is you need to connect ground somewhere, probably h-bridge to Arduino..... sounds like that's missing, but who knows?

Draw the circuit by hand if you like, and upload a cellphone photo.

I am sorry to post it that way, by the way thank u for ur concern.
That was a typing mistake.
Listen I must supply power to h bridge.
What I did earlier was u connected 12v pin to 5v pin to arduino and gnd pin to gnd pin of arduino. U can see the attachment u will recognize the pins.
Wen I do the above step my h bridge works the problem is current from arduino is very low that’s why I wanna give external power supply (9v) battery.
When I connect the positive of the 9v battery to 12v pin and negative terminal of the battery to gnd the bridge (l293d) doesn’t work also the vice versa downcast work.
But the same pins wen connected to 5v pin to arduino and gnd pin of bridge to gnd pin of arduino is connected it works.
Plz solve this issue.
Plz :confused:

Here’s how to hook a 293 to an Arduino to drive 2 motors. Of course the Arduino pins may differ, and the motor power voltage is whatever you need. And the EN pins can get 5V any way you like.

2dc motors L293.png

Just a guess: you need connect ground of Arduino with ground of battery and the bridge?