HC-05 12v DC motor control l298n MIT inventor

Hello world!

Zhut here has created a bluetooth motor control(using HC-05 and android) to control the speed of 2 DC motors with sliders(similar to potentiometers). I was wondering if this project would work with 4 12V dc motors, 2 L298n dual h-bridge(please dont steer me away from using these. I already own them and wont reconsider), 1 HC-05, 1 arduino, 1 android phone. I have already changed the app to suit 4 motors with sliders. I would just need to change the code around as well. I am just confused on how the schematic would look with 2 L298n H-bridges.

Zhut is the author of this site

Any guidance would be incredible. :slight_smile:

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I can’t see any code or schematic and I have no idea who or what “Zhut here” is.


sorry slipstick,
the link is now attached to the original post

please advise here