HC-05 and DT-06 sharing same Max3232, with a on-off-on switch?

I plan to use one Max3232 miniboard to share with a bluetooth-serial HC-06 and a wifi-serial DT-06. By connecting an on-off-on switch ( a switch labeled “I-O-II”) to allow me to either choose to work with bluetooth only, or wifi only, or switching off both.

My question is if I wire them in such a way that even when the switch is at the “off” position where both hc06 and dt-06 are off, but the Max3232 is still on; will there be any bad effect on the device connected to the RS-232 side of Max3232?

Best practice is to off the Max3232 too, but I want to simplify the wiring and Max3232 virtually consumes negligible power; but I’m just not sure it will have any bad consequences.

Thank you.

My end device, a telescope hand-controller, has only one rs-232 port; so only one rs-232 cable can be connected to.

I want to use either Android apps or IOS apps to communicate, wirelessly, with the hand-controller. When using an Android app, I'll use Bluetooth for communication because it is more power-efficient. When using an IOS app, because IOS doesn't support Bluetooth SPP profile, I'm forced to use Wifi for wireless communication with the end device. At one particular time, I either use Bluetooth or wifi; or sometimes just turn off both. That's why I will use a 0n1-off-on2 switch (usually labeled with I-O-II on the switch).

I've successfully connected HC-05-->Max3232(TTL<-->RS232)-->hand-controller; and I want to add a DT-06 (wifi-TTL serial) into it, but sharing the same Max3232 miniboard.

The diagram would be something like this: Schematic diagram

This will give you some interesting results. Why not simply switch the RS232 signals with a 2PDT switch? Simple and inexpensive and no contention between the parts.

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