HC-05 AT Mode error communicating.

​I have followed several tutorials from others on the internet and am getting the board into AT mode and my board is responding however it is responding in absolute gibberish for example I type AT with both NL & CR on and a baud rate of 9600 on the serial monitor and I get result of ϧ†…ÿ or some other variation of the same code I have tried and tested playing around with different baud rates I have several different hc-05 they all give me the same I have connected the RX, TX in the schematic the way it is labelled and reversed and I am still getting no luck can anyone give me some helpful information I don't have a usb ttl converter and would prefer not to wait for one, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Chris.

I get result of ϧ†…ÿ or som

I recall seeing that recently and I think it was to do software serial. The default speed for HC-05 in AT mode is 38400 but I understand that is at the limit for reliability with software serial and, in your case, perhaps a bit beyond the limit.

If you have a Mega, there is no need to use software serial anyway, jest connect bluetooth to serial1.

There may be a one-shot, one-port method for HC-05 like there is for HC-06.

I am using a duemilanove for my project using code from a tutorial which uses software serial on pins 10, 11 I only need to change the boards to a master for my project not much else needs changing but does anyone have any links on using pins 0 and 1 for serial because I read that using those pins it interferes with the arduino communicating with the pc. Thanks in advance, Chris.

SOLVED: For anyone else with this problem there is alot of answers on the Web but there in between comments and hard to find baud rate IN AT MODE is 38400 not 9600 that's for when your connecting out of AT mode and to resolve this i had to reinstall arduino ide with the updated one strange fix but there you go and I took the code directly from a rar file instead of copy and pasting it but there you go weird fix but it worked, however thanks for your response nick.