HC-05 Bluetooth - Disable PINCODE / connect to a device that doesn't havePINCODE


I need to connect a Bluetooth remote control to an Arduino. On the Arduino side I have a HC-05 Bluetooth module, which is running in Master Mode.

C2C:26:ED7B6E is the MAC Address of the remote. 20258C is the Bluetooth Class of the remote.

Here is my attempt to connect the remote control: The device is successfully found. (The AT+Link-command says "Fail" but succeeds anyway?)





When I do the same with my smartphone, it asks me for the Pincode (1234), than I can successfully connect smartphone and Arduino, with the Arduino HC05 in Master-Mode. But since the remote control is only a peripheral device, there is no Pincode given! E.g. I can connect the remote control to my smartphone without entering any Pincode.

But how can I achieve this with the HC05? How can I disable the need for a Pin?

When I reboot the HC05 with the remote control in Pairing mode, the LED on the HC05 flashes differently. Instead of quick flashing it flashes slow 1-2 times, than starts quick flashing again. It looks like it's "trying" to connect to the remote, but fails anyway... I think it's because of the lacking PINCODE (every tutorial that I found has a matching PINCODE e.g. this one, this one or this one...), but I'm open to any suggestion.

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Here are the specs of the remote control:

  • Model Name: Nicent BT012D
  • Bluetooth Core: 3.0
  • Support HID Profile: 1.0
  • The bluetooth device name: YL-BTM3-××××××
  • Supplier ID and Product ID: 0×0A5C/0×4503
  • Class of Device: 0×20258C

Disclaimer: I haven't done a lot of research on this and my reply is based on my experience trying to get a cheap mobile phone shutter remote connected to the HC-05.

I don't think you can connect the two. I believe the remote is using the Bluetooth HID profile which the HC-05 does not have. If you look at the BT HID spec you will see that it allows for pairing without using a pass code using Secure Simple Pairing.

You can get Bluetooth modules that should work (I think the XM-04 modules work) although I haven't tried.

Thank you for your response!

Not the answer I was hoping for, but I guess you are right.
I did a bit of research, but I was not able to find any tutorial on how to use Bluetooth HID with the XM-04 Bluetooth module, although it seems that is does what I want.

Does anybody know how to use this module with HID?

Dear Maikel,

Right now I have the same problem with the PINCODE stuff. I want to setup a connection between Arduino and a Heart Rate Sportband, but I am also stuck on the pincode problem.

Did you managed to solve it by yourself?

I never found a solution to this. Most of this type of device uses the HID profile which means you need a HID host on the Arduino side and I have never found anything.