HC-05 bluetooth issue

When my HC-05 is not connected to a device, it blinks 5 times a second as it should. However when it is connected, from all the videos I see of it working properly online, It should blink two times fast every few seconds.

When I connect my HC-O5, it blinks twice at a much slower rate. This causes a specific problem.

The specific problem is that when my HC-O5 is blinking twice, any 'a' or 'd' I send via a Bluetooth terminal is delayed until the HC-05 finishes blinking twice. When the HC-05 finishes blinking, the commands I send in the Bluetooth terminal are executed instantly. However the instant the HC-05 blinks twice again, every command waits until it finishes the blinking twice before executing.

Here is the code, the Arduino is being powered by a 9v battery. It is being run through a bluetooth tereminal on an android phone.

void setup() {
 pinMode(7, OUTPUT); // put your setup code here, to run once:
void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
      char data= Serial.read(); // reading the data received from the bluetooth module
        case 'a': digitalWrite(7, HIGH);break; // when a is pressed on the app on your smart phone
        case 'd': digitalWrite(7, LOW);break; // when d is pressed on the app on your smart phone
        default : break;

Didn't we see this very same question s couple days ago?

The code is much more straightforward. I have re-worded it so hopefully its clearer

Then you should continue the other thread instead of starting a new one do that member do not waste their time suggesting the same remedies over again.

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