HC-05 bluetooth module and arduino mega

Good afternoon,

I am currently trying to pair an arduino mega and an uno using hc 05 and hc-06 bluetooth modules. I have the correct wiring i believe and when I hold the HC-05 button while plugging in the VCC the LED light speed slows 2/sec indicating it is in AT mode. I try to input a command "AT" in the serial monitor after loading a basic script which I took from GITHUB and worked on their video tutorial yet the serial monitor is not returning values or even error commands when it should be saying OK. Does anyone know if they have any idea why I am not recceiving anything. I have followed the tutorial exactly yet get different results. My serial monitor is set to NL and CR


Be aware that there are many copies, you can find different commands for each type of module, find out exactly what your module model is, search google images and compare the physical characteristics of your module can help find the commands correct.

Check your baud rates