HC-05 Bluetooth Module gives wrong char characters sent from android app

Dear Members,

After pairing and connected my bluetooth module and smartphone, I wrote a simple program which should receive a character from my phone and print it to serial monitor. However, in serial monitor I receive some weird signs instead of the desired characters. I have no idea what can be the problem but it should be solved as soon as possible because I cannot contionue my project. I attached some pictures which help to understand the case. Could anyone please help me out? Thank you in advance.


serial monitor.png


Try Serial.write() instead of Serial.println() AND make sure the bauds of your app and your sketch match!!!

Thank you for your reply. I tried Serial.write(); with two different mobile applications with the right baud rates and the result is the same. I also tried another arduino board but it didn't help either. Do you think it is possible that the bluetooth module is not working properly?

Highly unlikely, but anything is possible.

Before doing anything else, you need to do some research: What baud is the app using? What are the values being sent by the app? Does the app send ASCII? Does the app send 8-bit integers? Does the app send 16-bit integers? (etc)

Also, please post your wiring diagram