HC 05 Bluetooth module has 2 Vcc. Which to use?

So i am trying to achieve serial communication through Bluetooth. I have an HC 05 with headers and it has 6 pins incl 2 Vcc pins ie. 5v and 3.3v. So which pin should i connect to my arduino uno? Also do i need a voltage divider for the rx tx? I have heard it 5v needs to be converted to 3.3v.


Good luck.

We need a pic or link to the board you purchased. The "HC-05" part only pertains to the small board that's soldered on top of whatever breakout you have now; without knowing if your breakout has level translation or not your question can't be answered properly.

Here the pics from front and back. http://imgur.com/uBzg6dN http://imgur.com/lMdJJfB