HC-05 Bluetooth module help

So i purchased two HC-05 Bluetooth transceiver modules from amazon

Bluetooth Transceiver module:Amazon.com

it has 4 pins the pins it has are VCC, GND, TXD, RXD there are Key and State lables but there are no pins connecting to it on the module.

So my problem is I am trying to have these two modules connect to each other so they can transfer information. To do this I need to configure the module using AT commands but I can't do this because the module never goes into configuration mode. When i wire my module the red light on the module starts blinking rapidly (About 5 times per second) I did some research and found that if it is in configuration mode it should be blinking around one time every 2 seconds but no matter what I do i can't get it to blink like that.

The pins are wired accordingly

Vcc --> 5V
TXD --> TX
RXD --> RX

Please help me I dont know what the problem is do I need to order different modules or is there another solution to this? If I need to order different modules please give me a link to the modules that I will need that will work

OH sry nvm i ordered the wrong kind :confused: I ordered HC-06 so ima have to get different ones