HC-05 Bluetooth module offline

I added a HC-05 module to my setup. I then paired it with my Windows 8, typed in my passphrase and everything looks ok...

except that when I look into the system tray and choose "Show Bluetooth Devices" it shows my HC-05 as offline. In the device manager it tells me that it has Port COM10 assigned.

But in my Processing code where I do a Serial.list() COM10 is not listed... I'm guessing that it's because it's offline.

I googled around but unfortunately I couldn't find any help. Any Idea how I can bring it online?

Answering myself, just in case somebody has the same problem:

I bought this dongle from ebay and my Windows 8 machine detected it.
But the point is to uninstall this default driver and then install the “Bluetooth Toshiba Stack”.

What version of the Toshiba stack worked for you? Where did you find it?