HC-05 BT / Win10

I bought a HC-05 blue tooth module and hooked it up to my due. I can talk to it from the due with the AT commands. That works.

On my Windows 10 box, I can get the device to do the initial connection and pairing. What I can't seem to do is actually connect to the generated serial ports with putty or tera term; they error on connect.

Any ideas?

assuming you connect OK under Windows 10 what COM ports do you see in the Control Panel > System > Device Manager
using a HC-06 I see two COM appear when connected and I can then use teraterm to talk to it
what error messages do you get?

After my post, I tried a few things. I am able to connect with an Android via a Bluetooth console app. I am able to connect from Windows with a metro Bluetooth console app.

The ports are there, just no success with Tera term or putty.

have a look at

although mainly about the HC-06 there is discussion about the HC-05

Thanks. But the HC-05 works as advertised, as non windows devices don't have an issue connecting and sending/receiving data. Even a bluetooth app in windows, using the bluetooth api, works fine. It's the low-tech mechanism of com-ports is all screwed under Win10, which is what I need to work.

Well, I'm not crazy after all. It turns out Windows 10 features a brand new bluetooth stack that does not do spp before 1.2 specs. That pretty much includes all these devices. RFCOMM is the alternative and it worked for me.

Beware if you are counting on simplicity......it's going away.