HC-05 connect to bluetooth Joystick

I need some help to figure out if this will work or not. i have a HC-05 and i would like to read inout from this Virtual Reality VR Headset 3D Glasses With Remote for Android IOS iPhone Samsung | eBay. if the HC-05 is unable to communicate with it, is there a different module that would let me communicate with it? thanks for the help

It might work, but it depends on the Bluetooth protocol used. You could use your phone instead. About the biggest thread on this forum is “Android bluetooth joystick”, q.v.

@jumper597 Im trying to do exactly the same!! Ive been trying with a SN42, HC05 but no luck at all :frowning:
Now I get a HM-10 BT module I wll try soon...

I Think is a SERVICE issue, the way that the module offers or provides the service.... I tried to set the module as HID, Master but always the module offers a serial link. (COM/tty)
Is something about GIAC or LIAC.... I couldnt understand yet :frowning: