HC 05 Connected;no device found on the port

I have connected my HC 05 to my laptop, it shows it is connected to com 3, but if I try uploading a program through the bluetooth, it says " No device found on com 3" and " an error occurred while uploading the sketch".

What might be the reasons and how should I trouble shoot it? Have anyone got the same problem?

P.S: I am using a nano 33 ble and connected via hc 05.

Be aware that the NANO 33 BLE might not be able to supply enough voltage or current to the HC05.

There are specifications for the board you may want to check.

Not really following why you need two BT devices on the same board ?

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I tried connecting the ble directly to the computer but I am not able to connect it directly like the hc 05. So I am using hc 05.

If you can help with connecting the pc and nano 33 ble without cord would be really helpful